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Instagram follower tracker, profile and story analysis tool. You can watch the activities of your friends and celebrities, see who they started following, watch stories anonymously, keep track of your followers, find out people who interacted with your profile, who blocked you, who do not follow you back, who unfollowed you and who deleted likes or comments. You can get a push notification when someone unfollows you and for a lot more features.

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Jack of All Trades

• Start adding your friends into watch list and see all of their activities such as who they started & stopped following.

• Watch your friends stories anonymously in Full HD quality

• Find out who interacts with your profile

• Search any user from Instagram and zoom their profile picture

• You can make a search on the list of story viewers for your both active and past stories and see who watched your stories without following you.

• Discover people who blocked you





Zavier Wright

Best app I have ever used to track my Instagram activities. I payed for pro and for sure I did not regret it I get updated about who visit my profile, who blocked or unfollwed me, my friends activities and so on I will convince all my friends to join Sarman I already convinced many. 

August, 2020

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